Engagement dating advice

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We were "engaged" for 8 months, brought our house (rented for 18 months before marrying) just 2 months before our wedding. If I'm honest, in his position, I wouldn't feel comfortable about you finding the ring, payment plan and so on.I also wouldn't be happy in an indefinite engagement, it may feel more committed to you but it really isn't.As this page demonstrates, marriage doesn't prevent any of the problems people go through in life.I really don't see any point in trying to push somebody towards getting engaged if they have desire to or are not ready to do so.They leave it until people have lost interest in asking because they want there to be a genuine sense of surprise excitement.The scenario you describe with you choosing your own ring, working out how to pay for it and nagging is a long way from the romantic gesture that it should be.He bought a house with me and had children, is that not commitment enough?

I am very tempted elsewhere but really really don't want my kids to have a split family.I know they will be together forever they are perfect for each other but some men just like to take there time wit things.Whether you get engaged early on or after a few years I don't think it really matters as long as you know you two are committed but I know what you mean about being engaged it just confirms the commitment. I've been with my partner almost 4 years and we've got a beautiful boy who will be two in October. We've got a dog and a cat together so we live a normal life.I've brought the topic of marriage up a lot recently. I'm catholic and I would like that commitment since we already live the married life.

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