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Summer is not really a time where people are looking to cuff.

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It’s estimated that he designed nearly 200 buildings, residences, churches, banks, and more between 18, but many of them have since met the wrecking ball or have been altered beyond recognition.They’re listed in order of the date they were designed and built. Furness won the competition along with his partner George Hewitt to design the academy’s art museum and school building.Furness took a leaf from the industrial boom of Philadelphia at the time, taking groundbreaking measures to create a modern building with features like skylights, sandblasted ornamental designs inside and out, and steel and iron construction.Still, many of his showstoppers still remain in Philadelphia and the surrounding region, including these 10 fantastical works below.This is by no means a complete list of Furness’s existing works, but they offer some of the best examples of his ornamental and whimsical style, plus evolution as a designer over the years. Designed in 1871 and built five years later, the Historic Landmark Building at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts is considered the first building that put Furness on the map, so to speak.

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