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This type of set up is an undeniable and exciting experience for sure.

As a kid, I loved these sweet chocolate cookie sandwiches, and like most Oreo enthusiasts, I had my own way of eating them.

We have several public ghost hunts on the horizon, a kid’s day (maybe even two this year), and we are working with several new historical societies in addition to the historical societies that have already established a working relationship with MCGH.

Outside of investigating, we are currently being approached by other forms of media – including print and television….knows what 2014 will bring!

Over the past 10-15 years the home theater has come a long ways, and now that home theaters are a household word and as common as a garage is in a home, technology like “tactile sound” has come a long long ways.

If you are curious about getting SO if you think that a Butt Kicker tactile sound transducer is a good solution for you, the good news is that they are now more affordable today than ever with options ranging in price from -599!

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